Upgrade Your Outdoor Kitchen with One of Our Charcoal Grills

Make your outdoor kitchen complete with barbecue grills from Campbells Works in Brooklyn, New York. We make big barbecue grills that are perfect for homeowners, businesses, and campers. Contact us at (347) 712-8758 to order a grill for your outdoor kitchen today.

 15, 30 & 55 - Gallon Grills
Find the right grill for your next outdoor event by calling Campbells Works. We offer economical barbecue grills that raise the grill closer to the meat, allowing you to use less charcoal. Our grills are easy to open and easy to clean because of their convenient vent system. The 15 - gallon model cooks great and is compact and easy for traveling. The 55 - gallon model cooks up to 40 pounds. Ask about our 110 - gallon model 255 which is two 55 - gallons connected; Horizontal or Vertical. Other sizes not listed are available upon request. Call today to see which grill is right for you.

In addition to grills, we offer sturdy, die cast angl iron metal stands to make cooking a little easier. We weld the stands together ourselves and add wheels for easy maneuvering in your outdoor kitchen.

Why Choose Us?
At Campbells Works, our grills are built to last. We use high-grade steel to create quality products and offer them to you at an affordable prices to make sure you stay within your budget. Plus, we're happy to accept custom orders to meet your needs.

Call us at (347) 712-8758 for more information about our barbecue grills.